Hi, thank you so much for your interest! I'm so excited to collaborate and create something magical! Please allow up to a week for a response! :)

Because there are 7 billion people in the world and you found that one soul-mate,
I believe finding that one, special photographer, that fits right in with you is also extremely important.

If photography isn’t important to you, we are probably not for you, but that is okay, because you deserve a photographer that you can connect with, your one in a million, soul-tog.

If you are fiercely in love. If you crave adventure. If you like the happily un-planned. If you go with the flow. If you value photography. If you want me to document real love, the in-between, the messy moments, then let’s go see the world together, let’s become friends, let’s create magic,

So, my beloved, if you have found yourself here and if you’re as excited as I am about working together, please say howdy!

Local Weddings start at $3200
Elopements start at $1750
Portrait sessions start at $600

When you email me, please include the following:
-Bride Full Name
-Groom Full Name
-Phone Number + Email
-Event/Shoot Date + Location
-Tell me about you and your beloved. 🙂
*due to the influx in emails I get, I’ll only be responding to emails that include everything above. 🙂

P.S. I looove to travel and love destination weddings. I’m available for hire for any destination needs. I’ve included my travels at the bottom of this page. If we are going to be in the same city, let’s connect!

travel list:

January 17th Hawaii
February 9-11th New Orleans
March 17-19 Austin, Texas
March 22-26 Denver, CO
April 28-30 Oklahoma City, Ok
August 6-10th Seattle, Washington
November 1-6th Monterrey, Mexico

January 10-15th Denver, Colorado
March 12-15th San Francisco, California
March 28-April 4th Cancun, Mexico
April 23-25th Corpus Christi, Texas
May 8-13th Denver, Colorado
May 22-27 Salt Lake City, Utah
June 8-11 Nashville, Tennessee
June 14-15th Austin, Texas
June 25-30th Austin, Texas
July 8-21st Montreal, Canada
August 8-10th San Antonio, Texas
August 14-20th Denver, Colorado
September 22-24th Natchidoches, Louisiana
October 2-4th Austin, Texas
October 8-12th Albuquerque, New Mexico
October 20-24th Seattle, Washington
October 27th-November 1st New Orleans, Louisiana
November 7-8th Austin, Texas
November 15-17th New York
December 1-4th New York
December 6-10th Italy

February 22-24th Salt Lake City, Utah
February 24-27th San Francisco, California
May 28-30th Palo Duro Canyon, Texas
June 1-7th Alberta, Canada
June 20-23rd Portland, Oregon
July 18-23rd Munich, Germany
July 23-26th Croatia
July 27th – August 10th  Slovenia
October 7-10th New Orleans, Louisiana
October 23-26th Austin, Texas
November 5-7th Gruene, Texas

June 4-6 San Diego, California
June 6-9 Las Vegas, Nevada
June 9-12 Yosemite, California
July 12th-August 3rd Antigua, Guatemala
October 10th-13th New Orleans