Documenting Lily and Davis’ engagement was nothing short of whimsical. You know the ‘puzzle piece’ saying? This is it.

I asked Lily when she knew Davis was who she wanted to share her life,

“Honestly I think it was pretty easy to know, like I never really expected to find someone who was everything I wanted and more. I know that nothing is ever as simple or easy as we want it to be, but I think when you find someone who wants the best for you and loves you for who you are, you go “yeah, this is it, this is what I always hoped I would find.” The first time he told me he loved me I cried my eyes out because I really believed him, and i had never really felt that before. I think that was the moment I went “wow, this is fucking real”. We make each other better, and stronger. He’s honest and open and he makes me want to be a better person, and as cliche as that is, it’s true.”

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